How To Find Notes On Your Guitar By Ear

Image of an ear with music notes tattoo
Use Your Short Term Memory To Find Notes On Your Guitar

Everyone would agree that we have to hear the note first, but we can often skip this step without even knowing it. The trick is to use your short term memory, and I mean VERY short term. Here’s how to do it:

  • Listen to the recording with your finger poised to pause it
  • As soon as you hear the note you’re trying to find, pause the recording
  • IMMEDIATELY listen to the note that is ringing in your head
  • sing the note ringing in your head and hold that note while you
  • find it on your guitar

After a few seconds, the note will start to fade in your mind so you may need to repeat this several times.

The trick is to listen to the recording for the note you’re after and then hear it in your short term memory. It may be very faint, but it’s there. It’s like the shadow of the note, lingering in your mind. It’s magic.

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