Mistakes in Guitar Practice Are Good News

Mark Twain-Accident-Invention-Quote-for-GuitaristsThey show you where you can improve. If you try to avoid them you won’t know where where to focus your practice. The trick is to be open to mistakes.

If you’re open, you’ll find your trouble spots while you’re in the practice room. But if you try to avoid mistakes, you’ll find those blind spots on stage. Not cool.

If you listen to a mistake without judgement you may find a solution to a problem, a development of your melody, or a whole new style. Be like Hendrix & others who really listened, leading them to deliberately crank their amps to get that “bad” distorted sound.

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Mistakes in Guitar Practice Are Good News
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Mistakes in Guitar Practice Are Good News
Mistakes are good news when practicing. If we avoid them we wouldn't know where we could improve. The trick is to look for them instead.