Guitar Lessons for Kids in Brooklyn

Kids just want to have fun.

We parents want our kids to learn.

I make sure all of that happens seamlessly.

I’ve taught guitar lessons to kids for over 15 years, including 8 years at School Of The Future in Manhattan and currently at Arts & letters in Brooklyn. I’ve taught guitar, rock band, computer music production, drumming, and chorus. I know from experience that all kids have music inside them.

Kids simply need an instrument that suits them, an encouraging environment, and supportive instruction to see that playing music is something that they can do. Once that magic connection is made, I just help them pursue their interests, give them the skills to work through obstacles, and have fun playing guitar.

Ages 6-9

The youngest guitarists need the most support in developing a comfort with the instrument. They need small guitars, electric or acoustic, and may need a few more adjustments to bring the instrument into their world. The rest is having fun.

Ages 9-14

Guitar Lessons in Long Island City Queens and Clinton Hill Brooklyn  NYC
Players aged 9-14 often want to play music that they hear in their lives. Learning to read music that they like and write music that they discover is right down their alley. We play songs that come from their own families, friends, and social circles, connecting what they are learning to their world.

Ages 14-17

Guitarists 14 and older are often forming strong tastes about what music they like and identify with, which can drive their motivation to mastering the guitar. Students set their own course and I give them the training,  the problem solving skills, and the vision they need to be great guitarists.

parent of student at Brooklyn and Queens Guitar Lessons with Bryan Wade“Bryan’s cool. He doesn’t give TOO much hard work and I’ve written lots of songs. And he’s funny.” – Henry F., 9 Year old Student “For kids, he sort of SNEAKS in the technical stuff with the fun stuff so you don’t have to wait through hours of practice before having fun.” – Jim F., Henry’s father

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